US entrepreneur Rhett Power on a visit

US entrepreneur Rhett Power on a visit

How to market yourself and your brand in a crowded marketplace and what it takes to reach influencers who can help your brand 

Rhett Power is Co-founder and president of Wild Creations, whose startup in 2010 was announced as fastest growing business in South Carolina will be a guest of the US Embassy and we are pleased that he will be speaking for Mumpreneurs.

He is a sought‐after speaker on entrepreneurship, leadership, small business, and start-ups. As part of United States Department of State’s International Speakers Program Rhett routinely travels around the world to work with entrepreneurs and business people to improve their chances for success.


How to set up a company in Luxembourg and Business Mentoring Program by

Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg

Marie Collard, Project Leader, Business Mentoring programme of  Chambre of Commerce Luxembourg will present Business Mentoring Programme –  a free access programme launched by the Chamber of Commerce with the support of the Government in February 2010, with the primary goal of impacting the survival and growth of small and medium sized enterprises based in Luxembourg.

The goal of this programme is to help, on the one side, the mentees to manage their own learning in order to maximize their potential and improve their leadership skills and on the other side, to boost the development of their companies. 


Lucien Bechtold, Conseiller/Advisor at Espace Entreprises Manager of the MCAC – Mutualité de Cautionnement et d’aide aux commerçants Chambre of Commerce Luxembourg

Lucien will present and answer questions about The Espace Entreprises that aims at those who wish to become self-employed and at businesses who are already up and running. The Espace Entreprises is a point of single contact that welcomes businesses and entrepreneurs and informs them about topics relating to the life of a business: from project to business start-up; day – to -day management of business; exports and commercial exchange and many others.

We are looking forward to interactive morning so and bring your questions with you 🙂 

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