April Networking Coffee Morning

April Networking Coffee Morning

Hi ladies!

Our April Networking Coffee Morning is scheduled for Thursday 21st of April from 10AM to 12PM at Respirit Pilates @ 65, Rue des Romains in Strassen. (Lu)

Guest speakers are Cintia Procaci and Piroska Balla.

13016558_10154747293133835_2213812_oCintia is a mother of 2 kids living in Luxembourg for the past 12 years, she is the founder of Kidsmarket.lu. Prior to founding Kidsmarket.lu, she took an MBA degree and had a marketing position within an international company.

”During my parental leave I was, as all parents, looking for kids related items. I soon realized that Luxembourg needed one good platform for the secondhand market. I decided to develop an easy and fun place where everybody can buy and sell secondhand items for kids aged 0 to 12. Additionally, I wanted to promote a sustainable society in Luxembourg. Kidsmarket.lu was born!

Less than a month after launching, Kidsmarket.lu, has received very good reviews. Comments are: ‘Finally one organized place where I can sell and buy’, ‘So easy to use’, …

My objective is to continue growing and improving the website, always mantaining my original aim of supporting a more sustainable society.”

www.kidsmarket.lu / Facebook page

Piroska, mother of two, originaPiroskally a lawyer and international disaster relief expert, has been running her own Pilates studio, Respirit Pilates since October 2014.

“Some years ago a self-proclaimed “spiritual healer” bluntly told me I was not doing the right job. She insisted I was one destined to help others, she saw it immediately. And, working in the field of international disaster relief, so I was, I believed, and did not bother much even to enter into the debate.
Years later here I am. I have left my international career to study human anatomy and movement science to teach people how to be mindful about their body. And as I personally experienced Pilates has a great healing potential, I now tend to wonder if this is what she meant… or all has been just pure coincidence.”

 We look forward to seeing you there!