March Networking Coffee Morning

March Networking Coffee Morning

Dear Mumpreneurs,

Join us for another Networking Coffee Morning on March 24th from 10AM to 12PM to get to know your fellow Mumpreneurs in Luxembourg and connect (@Cathy Goedert in town).

For updates and in order to register, we kindly ask you to simply ‘join’ via our Facebook event page so we can estimate the number of people coming.


Please meet our first guest speaker: Anne Alastalo

Anne Alastalo”My name is Anne Alastalo and I am from Finland. I arrived to Luxembourg 10 years ago for work. Since my arrival I worked good 7 years for the same financial institution. During my stay here I have married and am gifted with four beautiful children.

Some years ago, I realized that my future at financial work would most likely never lead me anywhere. At this time my dream from childhood start to raise it´s voice. I decided to start to take actions towards that direction.
While I was working I started to study to become Fashion stylist and Makeup Artist. But to not leave just there I also used my own base of well being and happiness to work, I studied also Personal Training.

In 2014 I started to mind map my future plans and do necessary SWOT analyse to see whether I have it what it takes to become your own boss on the field that I desire to enter.

With lot of planning and going back and forward, I started to build lifestyle service business which provides Personal training for physical and mental well being, Makeup for everyday and special occasion and personal beauty lesson, Fashion styling for personal and event styling.
Soon I noticed that my fourth baby was on the way and all above needed to put on pause.

But to not stay without any projects, my dream took a first step to become reality.
I started to set up online shop.
With this online shop I am focusing to promote sustainable fashion products. At the beginning I am selling mainly accessories which has eco values to give to us.

This journey during last year has not been easy, on the contrary, very difficult and challenging, but every little step towards my goal has given enormous personal satisfaction which is far more important than a salary slip.


And our second guest speaker: Geraldine Dubaere who will also be talking about her brand new business: Little Grand Duc ( ) Facebook page: Little Grand Duc

Geraldine”After the birth of my son, I was looking for new challenges that I could combine with my new title of “mom”. Thanks to mumpreneurs I came in contact with the right people in order to start my own business. I now proudly sell organic and ethical baby’s and kids clothes (age 0 to 9).
Chosing for organic cotton is so much more than just organic. It’s good for children’s skin, for the land and for the people growing it. I therefore carefully chose the brands I work with. I must love their products and also be able to back their mindset and philosophy.
Little Grand Duc offers to children a soft and comfy atmosphere to dicover the world, while being gentil with their skin. ”

We look forward to seeing you there!