Agnes Czupryn

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to execute every aspect of your business. However, most aspects of your business depend on successful marketing. Thanks to my services, you can outsource most of your marketing, giving you time to focus on your core activities.

Agnes Czupryn

During my career as a Product and Marketing Manager, Managing Director and, finally, Vice President of an Internet company, I was responsible for creating and launching a variety of different projects: from websites, e-commerce solutions, advertising campaigns and special events to newspaper supplements. Thanks to this experience, I know how to find and collaborate with people with different profiles, such as IT experts and web developers, designers and content managers.

The world of marketing can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. There are so many channels for promoting your business.
Which channel(s) are the best for you? I can help you find the answer to this and reach more customers while spending less.

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